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Quantum Touch Healing
Quantum Touch Healing
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With David Stasin-Certified Instructor Tel. 01923-464960 Watford, Hertfordshire, England What Will You Learn in a Quantum-Touch Workshop? You will begin by learning three simple core techniques Sensitivity to the kinaesthetic feel of the flow of the life force (chi. prana, ki etc) A specific pattern of body awareness Five specific breathing rhythms These three simple skills, add up to vastly more than their parts, they will allow you to tremendously expand the life force flowing through you. The body awareness and breathing techniques will raise your life force and maintain it at a very high level. Because of the natural tendency of your life force to entrain to your clients, the life force of the person your working on will expand to match yours. When their life force is strong and vibrant, their body will start to heal itself. You will then learn how to raise you life force to an even higher level. You will learn Distant healing methods to get truly outstanding results. Distant healing with Quantum Touch is tremendously effective. How to amplify the effectiveness of your healing using chakras, toning and 'vortexing' the life force. This truly powers up you healing sessions. You will learn to us e the 'Amplified Resonance Technique' to turbo charge you healing sessions, so that they will have the effectiveness of a group session. By the end of the workshop, you will IMMEDIATELY have the skill to Bring down pain and inflammation in record time. Through the lightest of touch, and no manipulation, see bones automatically adjusting themselves. You will observe this the the workshop, through your and your fellow students work. You will learn to reduce or reduce and eliminate back-pain and get faster and better results than you ever thought possible You will experience deep and essential healing every time you do Quantum Touch. The body is wired to heal. all the practitioner can do is use their unique set of skills to provide the conditions the body needs to set its self-healing mechanisms back into motion. Having studied and practised a variety of healing techniques over the years, DAVID teaches with humour, clarity, truth and depth. IN THIS WORKSHOP YOU ARE IN A SAFE PLACE.
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